We provide support in all areas of strategic and operational process managements

We continuously rely on measures that detect and eliminate weak points in processes.  Transparent processes help to identify optimization potentials, increase performance and achieve long term cost savings.

Business Process Management Consulting.

tiggs GmbH is your partner for strategic and operational process management. Our certified business process professionals (CBPP) identify the status of your current processes and smooth out inefficiencies that are discovered. In focus stands the identification of potentials, increase in productivity and increase in overall company performance.

The CBPP® Certificate recognizes the tiggs GmbH employees for their outstanding qualifications as Process Management experts. Combined with many years of experience in the execution of complex BPM Projects, our consultants possess detailed knowledge of the procedures and requirements in this segment. Based on our experience we have extended our portfolio in a way that allows you to solely profit from our process analysis and improvement suggestion, or to combine it with our IT-Solution tiggs-BPM for continuous process optimization.

Our Consultans reduce weaknesses, as well as give concrete advice on how to achieve sustainable growth through the identification of optimization potentials.

Our IT system for visualizing and managing business processes is as simply as possible

Albert Einstein said that things should be kept as simple as possible. But not simpler. With tiggs-BPM you can easily steer business procedures and internal processes of any kind. That is why tiggs-BPM accompanies many companies in their day- to- day business, as well as during challenging periods of time.

Find out more about tiggs-BPM.

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