IT Security Management

With the increase of technology innovations, the risk of new security vulnerabilities is growing within the organization. Cyber attackers and criminals are moving quick, exploiting vulnerabilities faster than the organizations can defend themselves. In today’s technology driven world, one can no longer only rely on technical security solutions, such as software applications, but one must also implement security policies and procedures and thus, be able to monitor them.

As threats become more diverse, complex, and dangerous, the demands on IT security grow rapidly. Accompanied by extensive regulatory directives and requirements, the tasks for IT security become more and more challenging.

With the increase of the so called “Point Solutions” (Intrusion Detection, Monitoring, Security Information & Event Management), the data privacy protection requirements, as well as quickly evolving IT architecture, it is getting more complex for management to gain a holistic overview of the IT landscape and the effectiveness of IT security solutions.

What is our goal?

We want to schieve transparency and give the management the possibility to set in place Key Performance Indicators (KPI), Key Compliance Indicators (KCI) and Key Risk Indicators (KRI) that meet the company’s and the decision maker’s needs.

This goal cannot be achieved through standard solutions, but requires the adjustment of the supporting IT systems to the system landscape of the company. For this purpose, tiggs GmbH has developed a modular system which offers, after a preliminary analysis, the possibility to quickly and easily create company-specific, process-oriented and structured solutions.

Our procedure is very simple and very transparent. After the initial analysis of your needs, we provide a “catalog of measures” that can be viewed and used independently off any system. Upon request, we implement the recommended measures in cooperation with those responsible for security control within your company. This provides an improved overview of the interaction between the individual point solutions.

Our solutions are currently being implemented worldwide by the largest German financial institution with highest security standards.


Our solution equips security officers with a powerful platform that ensures maximum transparency over all monitored applications and databases.

Thanks to process modeling, simulation and analysis security experts receive the necessary overview and knowledge needed for quick decision making when fighting dangerous security gaps and vulnerabilities.

With our scalable platform, we ensure continuous monitoring for all structured and unstructured data, as well as for the enforcement of guidelines for accessing sensitive data within the company.