Our solutions provides security officers with a powerful platform that helps ensure maximum transparency of all monitored IT systems.

Through modeling, simulation, and analysis security professionals receive the necessary overview that they need to tackle dangerous security gaps and vulnerabilities.

Our tasks:

  • Management and administration of monitoring systems.
  • Administration of all monitored system configurations, the test repository and the monitored data itself.
  • Monitoring and alerting in the event of violation of policies (rules) and/or in configuration management.
  • Support for the IT administrator in the qualification for monitored events.
  • Generation reports and documentation.

tiggs.security.management – a powerful platform


Administration and configuration of all monitoring systems, as well as of all other systems that are to be monitored. We specialize in controlling and maintenance of the test repository and the monitoring data.

An Overview- everything at a glance

Use cases go through several phases before they are launched in the productive environment. The system supports and guides though several steps, which are carried out in accordance with the four-eyes principle.


The dashboard is divided into three sectors:

  • Total number of safety warnings
  • Status of all business applications
  • Open requests

The tiggs Platform watches and alerst in the event of a violation of the rules in the configuration management. In Addition, we also support the IT admin in qualifying monitoring events. As a result, we are  can adapt all management reports in accordance to your wishes.

Automated list

If a use case has been recorded according to the process description, it can also be automatically entered and monitored in the test repository.