tiggs-BPM. All Business processes at a glance.

W. Edwards Deming, a pioneer in TQM (Total Quality Management) pointed out that: ‚Without data, you’re just another person with an opinion. ‘ If you apply that to BPM one could say that a Manager without transparency over his processes is just a person with good luck.

It’s not a secret: A business can only be successful if the decision makers have an overview of task responsibilities, processes that are in place and action that need to be made.

Transparent processes with tiggs-BPM:

  • show potentials for optimization
  • increase productivity
  • allow long tern cost savings

More and more companies are focusing on business process management in order to gain competitive advantage. It is becoming increasingly important to quickly adapt to changes in market demands, analyze performances and pro-actively react to these challenges. tiggs-BPM is your best choice! With tiggs-BPM we offer a comprehensive business process management solution, which consists of the following components of all components- from process modelling through to analysis.

tiggs-BPM – overview of components

Process Modelling

  • Graphical process recording
  • Organizational structures
  • User-management
  • Responsibilities

Process Execution

  • Individual task lists
  • Deadline Management
  • Substitute functionality
  • Mobile devices

Process Analysis

  • Analysis in real-time
  • Reports
  • Business Activity Monitoring
  • Dashboards, KPI

Management Cockpit

  • Alert messages
  • Trends and statistics
  • Performance analysis
  • Potential for optimization


Graphical process modelling – no programing required, easy drag and drop

How does that work? It´s really simple. No matter how complex your process really is: Without the need for programming skills, processes of any complexity can be created using drag&drop in the graphical interface of the tiggs – Process Designer. In the same manner you can add fields, rules and escalations. Fields represent the possibility to enter data. In this way, a process can be controlled, keeping response times within defined limits and assuring service levels can be achieved using escalations.

Intuitive User Interface

The intuitive user interface allows fast and comfortable viewing and editing of processes. All important information is available at all times.
tiggs-BPM displays for every user the current tasks in a configurable view. Using the integrated search function, tiggs – BPM provides fast access to all processes, current as well as those already completed.

Improvements thanks to Analysis

Up-to-date & real-time information is crucial for the determining of weak spots and further process improvements. With tiggs-BPM all process information is persisted in a data warehouse and thus remain on hand at all times. Information is automatically generated and saved when a task is edited by a user. This allows for easy and precise reporting. Through the use of Key Performance Indicators (KPI) you can easily create overviews on, say order volume, sales trends, etc. In addition, tiggs-BPM Analyzer fulfills all requirements regarding Business Activity Monitoring (BAM).

Management Cockpit

Find out what´s going on, simple and fast. Use the tiggs – Management Cockpit to overview the status and current developments.

Information at a glance:

  • Status task
  • Warning messages about future bottleneckse
  • Expected employee workload
  • Optimization of ressources
  • Verify processes prior to their release
  • Optimization of processing time
  • And there´s more. Feel free to find out!

Your benefits

Today’s marketplace requires companies to be fast and flexible. Likewise, all potential business risks have to be minimized. In order to find the right balance between flexibility and profitability, all internal processes must remain as effective and transparent as possible. Transparent processes help to recognize potentials for optimization, increase performance and to achieve a long-term reduction in costs. Tiggs-BPM supports you in doing so!

Further benefits for your business: 

  • Higher productivity
  • Better throughput times
  • Increased customer satisfaction
  • Clearly defined roles and responsibilities
  • Communication over mobile devices
  • Effective allocation of internal resources
  • Increased data and information quality

We support you in all areas of business process management. Read more information about our business process management consulting here!